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Here's 8 Tips to Play Golf for Beginners

 on Saturday, 15 August 2015  

Here's a tip play golf and some of the basic techniques in exercising Golf-interested in playing golf, but do not know to where? It's easy, start looking for a driving range (where the practice hit the ball) and find a coach who can guide how to play golf properly. Directly refer to only basic Tips to cultivate the sport of golf.

Here's 8 Tips to Play Golf for Beginners

  1. The Wait : Like other sports, golf also need patience. Step by step must be traversed in order to blow you toward the perfect. Both young and old, must start by practicing hitting balls.
  2. Visit the Driving Range : For starters, you can directly go to the driving range to hit practice balls are made. If necessary, you can also search for a coach for beginners so that your workout more effective and correct.
    Training at the driving range becomes important because you will learn the techniques of how to hit the ball and hit the ball. When it is sure of the technique and how to hit the ball, you can go directly to the real field.
  3. Club Set  :  If it can hit the ball well and true, you may consider buying a club set (1 set of complete golf stick). The new stick is okay if you owned does have excess money. As a beginner, we recommend that you use the stick 14 because of the shame if wear new ones.
  4. Other Equipment : Don't forget to equip themselves with supporting equipment such as, special shoes for playing golf, hat, glove or golf gloves, towel, t-shirt and polo models, golf hats.
  5. Ready to bounce  :  The sport of golf requires mental preparedness sufficient in practice. At the driving range there will be many people who practice the same as you. There's nothing really serious about practicing, just casually fill free time, or just look around.
    Keep concentrating on learning to play golf. Don't be afraid and grogi in hit the ball. Concentration on the position of the ball, the attitude of the body and of course ayunannya.
  6. At far  :  Keep the desire create a hit away. That is, do not see the results first, but try to pay attention to the process, whether the ball is already smitten perpendicular to the surface of the club? If we swing the back swing too upright or too flat? The position of the stick at the moment back swing (swing backwards) strongly determine the down swing. Then note whether the position of the surface perpendicular to the surface of the club de football?
  7. Use the ball when needed  :  Practice on the driving range is indeed a lot of cost and energy drain. Call it like a ball and the rental cost of the tip using the service caddy. The more the ball is used, the higher the cost. Same is the case when not in use the services of a caddie, you must drain a lot of power to position the ball on the top of the tee.
    Use the ball properly, better diligent-diligent analysis and evaluation each hit a couple of balls.
  8. Golf Simulator  :  If you want to feel the thrill of learning golf is different, you can also come to places that provide such golfing simulator GolfMax. Indoor golf simulation Center is the only one in Indonesia, even being the largest in Southeast Asia.

  • 18-hole courses
Virtual realistic technology, presents detailed accuracy and GolfMax which is awesome, so it's as if you play in the world's best golf courses, where the professional regular swinging sticks golfnya.
  • Driving Range
Yes, this simulation is the answer to the person who punches-punches. Here, there is the option of adding distance, speed and trajectory, so that you continue to be challenged to swing golf clubs.
  • Approach Mode
This one is a short golf game with a mode that can be determined on its own. The goal is to hone concentration so that it blows the more steady and purposeful.

Source: Hipmi GOLF CLUB Bantam

Here's 8 Tips to Play Golf for Beginners 4.5 5 aziz husen Saturday, 15 August 2015 Tips Golf, Here's 8 Tips to Play Golf for Beginners, Here's a tip play golf and some of the basic techniques in exercising Golf- Here's a tip play golf and some of the basic techniques in exercising Golf -interested in playing golf, but do not know to where? I...

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