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10 Tips to Better the Sport of Cycling is Fast and Good

 on Thursday, 13 August 2015  

Here are 10 tips that are able to help your cycling better and faster.

Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises

Very long distance cyclists need cardio endurance workout as it pertains to the ability of keeping energy and muscle performance during long hours of cycling. Some types of exercise that question is the Long Slow Distance Training, Pace/Tempo Training, Interval Training, Circuit Training, and Fartlek Training.

Strength Training Sprint
You certainly often see bicycle athletes gunning the bike at high speed towards the finish time whereas before they're speed. This ability requires an exercise program that stamping muscles (Explosive exercise) to increase power while the sudden sprint. The recommended type of exercise is Squat and Stair running (up and down the stairs).

Complex Carbohydrates Isotonik Drink
Before the game, a professional bicycle athletes consume carbohydrate complex off periodically to maintain their energy remain stable and consume drinks isotonik game for supplying the body fluids that are lost due to a lot of sweating.
Increase Energy And Stamina & Prevent Your Body From Dehydration.

Make Sure The Type Of Bike You've Been Right
Whatever type of your bike, choose a bike that suits you is very important to the comfort and efficiency of cycling. If you feel pain neck, back, knee, or numbness in hands or feet, then it could be a bike or bicycle components are not suitable for you. Choosing the right bike can improve the efficiency of pedaling and aerodynamics so that You are able to make cycling more quickly.

Do Not Forget About Stretching
Cycling involves repetitive movements that require flexibility and muscle balance. Therefore muscle stretching before cycling is very important. Cyclists generally experienced a strained muscle hamstrings, hip flexors and chest if you don't stretch before.

Trainer Skills Control The Cycling
Bicycle athletes very expert in control of his bike. They could ride with smooth round the corner, the time derivative of the stable, and always be alert of the different road conditions. Their cycling with estimates and dutifully against the rules on the road. Follow the training bike or join a Club Professional to learn the skill of control of the bicycle.

Don't Be Biking Alone
Cycling with a partner or a team bike very good to improve your skills. Strategy and tactics of a bicycle team is very important especially during the match. Join bicycle clubs that match your skill level.

Enough Rest
A professional bicycle athletes though will be bersitirahat sufficient for the recovery of body condition back for the sake of achieving peak performance again when back cycling. Stretching, massage, and sleep is an important part for the recovery of the body. Notice the first signs of your body and head rest before overtraining.

Cross Training While Off Season
The same exercises every day can cause the condition of jaded, stagnant, and bored. If cycling is your primary sport, doing different kinds of sports and other exercises while off season it is important to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the muscles, as well as prevent major injuries.

Use Costumes, Shoes, Special Helmets And Cycling
For starters, early wear special costumes cycling will feel strange, but the costume was created to support the performance of your bike. The tight costume aims to minimize wind resistance. Its flashy looks make it easier on the road. Special cycling shoes help greatly the efficiency of cycling and improve safety. Moreover, a special helmet cycling law is mandatory. There are no bicycle racing athletes are allowed to compete without wearing a helmet.

Source : tantrasepeda.blogspot.com

10 Tips to Better the Sport of Cycling is Fast and Good 4.5 5 aziz husen Thursday, 13 August 2015 10 Tips to Better the Sport of Cycling is Fast and Good Here are 10 tips that are able to help your cycling better and faster. Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises Very long distance c...

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